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* What Types of Eye Surgery Equipment are Used in LASIK?

There are many diverse types of LASIK laser eye surgery performed and as a result there are many different types of eye surgery equipment used for the procedures. However, the following will give you an idea of what you need to know about LASIK eye surgery equipment regardless of the procedure you are considering.

When you have a consultation with a doctor regarding LASIK eye surgery you should certainly ask as many questions about his experience as possible. Also, you should ask about the eye surgery equipment he uses. The type of eye surgery equipment is very important because it can result in the success or failure of your surgery. You want to ask the doctor the names of the eye surgery equipment he uses, how old it is as well as if the eye surgery equipment used in procedures are FDA approved or not.

The surgeon should have quick and confident answers and be willing to show you the eye surgery equipment used so you are comfortable with his answers. All too often individuals hear advertisements for low cost LASIK eye surgery and they hurry to take advantage of this offer without ever considering why the offer is so much lower than the rest of the market.

Professional LASIK surgeons suggest that many low cost LASIK surgeries are the result of clinics and surgeons cutting costs and corners with sub standard or old eye surgery equipment that does not give patients the chance for the best outcome. Because of this and the fact that you take your eye health seriously you need to be diligent about asking surgeons for information regarding their eye surgery equipment, the amount of procedures performed with the eye surgery equipment and any other questions you may have regarding the eye surgery equipment.



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