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*Three LASIK Facts You Should Know

Certainly LASIK facts are worth knowing about by everyone interested in LASIK laser eye surgery, especially before they decide to have the surgery. Unfortunately, there are a lot of "LASIK facts" found on the Internet or through word of mouth that are not really LASIK facts, but rather incidents that occurred with certain patients or simply exaggerations of the truth. If you are truly interested in LASIK facts then consult with your optometrist and read the following LASIK facts reported by a LASIK surgeon.

LASIK Fact #1 Most Patients See Better
LASIK facts stating LASIK surgery is amazing and the majority of patients can see incredibly better after the surgery and leave their glasses or contacts behind are true. However, despite the LASIK facts that many patients' vision is increased significantly this does not mean that complications do not occur in a percentage of cases as well.

LASIK Fact #2 Small Percentage Need Additional Surgery
LASIK facts show that approximately 6% of individuals who received laser eye surgery in 2001 and had satisfactory results ran into complications several months or years down the road and their vision slipped or other problems arose. As a result, these individuals will need additional "touch up" surgeries. Occasionally the eye simply changes or surgeon error is at fault and requires the additional laser surgery. LASIK facts not stating this risk are misleading.

LASIK Fact #3 Complications Occur
LASIK facts in brochures promoting LASIK surgery make complications seem unlikely, and while this may be the case LASIK facts show that complications do occur. Of course, if LASIK facts state only a small percentage of individuals experience complications you feel more comfortable with the procedure. However, how will you feel if you are the one with complications? This is something you should consider before opting for surgery.



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