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* Eye Surgery Risk-What You Should Know

If you are interested in laser eye surgery then you should consider the eye surgery risk that accompanies the surgery. Most patients don't at first consider the eye surgery risk as they are so consumed with the idea of having perfect eye sight. However, the eye surgery risk for individuals undergoing laser eye surgery is greatest for the individuals who don't know investigate the eye surgery risk.

The main eye surgery risk is being operated on by an experienced practitioner. Most doctors can perform laser eye surgery only after a few days of training. The easiest way to avoid this eye surgery risk is to research the surgeons and find out how long they have been practicing laser eye surgery as well as how many cases they have performed. Naturally, the doctors with the most experience will pose the least eye surgery risk to you. After your operation you could find yourself with dry eyes and/or night vision problems. Many individuals experience these side effects, however this is not considered an eye surgery risk by many surgeons despite the fact it occurs so frequently.

* Corneal ecstasia

The eye surgery risk of corneal ecstasia is also a possibility. This occurs when fluid builds up in the eye and the patient requires a cornea transplant to correct the problem. You will likely not be aware of this eye surgery risk because most doctors believe it occurs so infrequently there is no need to inform patients unless it happens. However it is a significant eye surgery risk and one you should be aware of. The eye surgery risk is high in certain situations, so be sure you talk to your surgeon and get clear answers before choosing laser eye surgery.

* Is Laser Eye Surgery Safe?

If you are considering laser eye surgery, your first question is probably "Is laser eye surgery safe?" Well, you can ask if laser eye surgery is safe and you will get a lot of different responses depending on who you ask. So, the best thing to do is to review the statistics.

Laser eye surgery is not safe for everyone and your surgeon should put you through a screening process in order to determine your likely success rate. In the late 1990s more than 5% of individuals experienced problems after their laser eye surgery. However, studies show that if patients are screened properly this number would drop to less than 1%. These numbers show that laser eye surgery is safe for the average individual. Therefore laser eye surgery is safe for the majority of individuals who are qualified for the procedure. Laser eye surgery is not safe for those individuals whose eyes are not able to be repaired with this surgery but who insist on an operation.

If the surgeon has any doubts whether laser eye surgery is safe for you or not then you should consider a second opinion, prepare yourself for the side effects, or find happiness in your contact lenses or glasses. All surgical procedures carry certain risks with them, however in general laser eye surgery is safe and of great benefit for individuals who wish to correct their vision.



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