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Laser Eye Surgery Complications

* Are You at Risk for a Laser Eye Surgery Complication?

When it comes to laser eye surgery there are risks involved and many a laser eye surgery complication may occur, although doctors do their best to avoid complications if possible. In general, a laser eye surgery complication occurs due to the individual, the surgery, or a combination of both. Consider the following laser eye surgery complications before you choose this surgery.

Laser eye surgery Complication #1 Flap Problems
One major laser eye surgery complication that occurs most frequently is with the flap that is cut into the eye. Not all laser eye surgeries include this incision, but the ones that do result in a possible laser eye surgery complication. The flap is cut open and then a laser used to materialize the extra tissue beneath. Then, the flap is closed to form a type of bandage for the eye. Occasionally, a laser surgery complication occurs with the flap.

Laser eye surgery complication #2 Diffuse Lameller Keratitis
This laser eye surgery complication occurs when dead skin cells are found underneath the flap.. The result of this laser eye surgery complication is scarring and irritated eyes because the eye believes there are foreign materials in the eye.

Laser eye surgery complication #3 Irregular Astigmatism
If you have an irregular astigmatism and the surgeon does not center the surgery on the eye then this may result in a laser eye surgery complication. This results in ghost images or double vision.

Obviously, you may experience a laser eye surgery complication if you decide to go through with the surgery. As a result, you should talk to your doctor to see if you are at risk for developing a laser eye surgery complication and if so what might be the outcome. Then, you can decide whether you want the surgery or not.



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