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* Tips for a Fast LASIK Surgery Recovery

During LASIK surgery recovery it is important to follow your surgeon's orders in order to heal as quickly as possible and to receive the best vision benefits. Of course, as soon as LASIK surgery is over, the patient enters the LASIK surgery recovery period. If you are considering or have recently had LASIK surgery then review these tips for a fast LASIK-surgery recovery to ensure you receive the best vision post-surgery that is possible.

LASIK Surgery Recovery Tip #1 Listen to the Surgeon
You must follow your surgeon's orders during your LASIK surgery recovery period. The reason for this is the way you care for your eyes during LASIK surgery recovery will affect how your eyes heal and as a result the vision you will have post surgery. If you do not follow the doctor's orders during LASIK surgery recovery then you will be risking your eye health and the success of the surgery.

LASIK Surgery Recovery Tip #2 Do Not Rub Your Eyes
Rubbing your eyes may be very tempting during the LASIK surgery recovery period, however this is a definite no during this time frame. If you rub your eyes during the LASIK surgery recovery period you may cause problems with the flap. The flap might re-open, wrinkle, or heal incorrectly causing your corrected vision to decrease or other problems.

LASIK Surgery Recovery Tip #3 Sleep With an Eye Shield
Your eyes will be sensitive during the LASIK surgery recovery period and while you may be very conscious of how you care for your eyes during the day when you are asleep you may begin scratching, rubbing, or doing other things that could cause problems with your healing process. So, sleep with eye shields for several weeks post-surgery to protect your eyes and allow them to heal properly.

* Recovery from Eye Surgery-What to Expect

During your recovery from eye surgery you want to follow all of your doctor's orders because you want to heal as best as possible. However, perhaps you are simply considering LASIK eye surgery and want to know what to expect during this time to help you make a decision. Many people take into account the recovery from eye surgery process when deciding if surgery is a good choice or not because an easy surgery yet hard recovery period might be a deterrent. Regardless, consider the following description of the average individual's recovery from eye surgery to give you a good idea of what happens.

Most individual's recovery from eye surgery is short lived because the eye heals rapidly allowing individuals to get back to their daily activities and lives. However, while healing from eye surgery is quick there is a prolonged recovery from eye surgery that includes extra special care of your eyes to ensure the full healing process is completed as anticipated by the surgeon.

During the recovery from eye surgery surgeons generally advise against swimming, hot tubs, and even driving. Additionally, you may not be able to wear any type of makeup in order to avoid residue getting into your eyes and causing infection or other problems. For two weeks during the recovery from eye surgery period your surgeon will probably suggest you avoid sports or activities that will make you hot and increase the probability of sweating and sweat getting into your eyes.

Of course, after the initial recovery from eye surgery, approximately 2-5 days, you will be able to return to work and other normal activities. However, an extended recovery period will exist in regard to other activities and you will also need to apply special prescription drops during this recovery period to avoid infection and inflammation.



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