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* LASIK Malpractice-What Are the Grounds?

Each year LASIK malpractice occurs in a small percentage of LASIK surgeries. If you are affected by LASIK malpractice then you are certainly looking for ways to recover some of the damages. Of course, once a LASIK eye injury is received it can be incredibly difficult to correct, if at all, and if the surgeon or equipment was at fault then you have a LASIK malpractice case. There is risk with all LASIK surgeries and you should not file a LASIK malpractice case simply because you did not receive perfect vision as you were hoping, but had no other side effects, because this does not characterize LASIK malpractice. LASIK malpractice cases involve negligence and if you believe you are a victim of such an incident then you should contact a LASIK malpractice lawyer.

Additionally, you have grounds for a LASIK malpractice case if you are a victim of false advertising. Many times in the cut throat LASIK world false advertising occurs to bring in more patients, but this simply increases the risk of LASIK malpractice cases. The US FDA has ophthalmology advertising guidelines that include the truth, the whole truth, and certainty of the truth before advertising. Unfortunately, many advertising agencies or surgeons are unaware of these guidelines and unknowingly put themselves at risk for LASIK malpractice cases for false advertising.

For instance, you've likely have heard on television or radio from certain LASIK providers that LASIK is pain free, or the particular doctor can provide the surgery for an ultra low cost to all patients, or perhaps even that the equipment is the newest, latest, and of the best technology. If any of these statements made do not follow the FDA advertising guidelines then there are grounds for a LASIK malpractice case.

* Looking for a LASIK Injury Lawyer

There are lawyers who represent individuals injured in all types of accidents, surgeries, and other situations. A LASIK injury is not your expectation when you sign up for LASIK surgery, but the truth is that LASIK injuries occur either because of surgeon negligence or inexperience, improper equipment, and many other reasons. As a result, if you have a bad experience with LASIK eye surgery then you may need to find a LASIK injury lawyer. A LASIK injury lawyer is generally a medical malpractice lawyer who focuses or specializes in LASIK malpractice cases. When looking for a LASIK injury lawyer you should consider reading reviews online in order to find the best LASIK injury lawyer to assist you with your case. Many individuals experience an injury due to LASIK surgery and simply live with the consequences because they never knew a LASIK injury lawyer could help them get reparation from their injuries.

Once you find a good LASIK injury lawyer you will need to explain your injury and what took place during you care. Generally, your LASIK injury lawyer will not try and determine whether the fault of your injury rested with the surgeon or with the equipment because this is too difficult to determine. As a result, most of the time your LASIK injury lawyer will simply sue the surgeon because regardless of it being his fault or the equipment's the surgeon has the responsibility to use the most up to date equipment and procedures. The surgeon can then sue the equipment manufacturer if necessary.



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