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Laser Eye Surgery Options


* Different types of surgery

Laser eye surgery has become a very popular surgery over the past decade because of the many benefits it offers individuals in the way of improving their eyesight. Many individuals worldwide have less than perfect sight, however laser eye surgery can correct many people's vision or improve it dramatically. There are several different types of laser eye surgery that can be performed including PRK and LASIK.

PRK is a type of precision laser eye surgery that uses a computer and laser to change the shape of the eye and improve vision. Generally, individuals who opt for this laser eye surgery experience great results. The reason is because PRK laser eye surgery is precise. First, the patient is given some numbing eye drops prior to the laser eye surgery. Also, a map of the individual's eye is made in order for the laser eye surgery to go as planned. The map information and measurements of the eye are entered into the laser's computer before the laser eye surgery is begun. Then, during laser eye surgery the laser beams into the eye and cuts away the pre-determined tissue. This laser eye surgery is an out-patient procedure and patients are usually back to regular activities in a couple of days.


* The LASIK option

LASIK laser eye surgery is another option. This procedure is a bit different and includes the physician making a cut into the eye, folding over the flap of skin, and then the laser reduces the extra tissue causing poor vision. LASIK laser eye surgery is really dependent on the skill of the physician, so if you choose LASIK laser eye surgery then you should find a very experienced physician.

As technology advances there are more laser eye surgery options and the success rate only increases. However, before you consider laser eye surgery you need to evaluate your vision, age, and options available to you in order to make the best decision.



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