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* Result After LASIK Differs in Studies

The best result after LASIK surgery is generally experienced by the individuals who have low or moderate myopia or hyperopia. There is a wide range of results after LASIK depending on the study. Some studies show a result after LASIK of as little as 40% of individuals receiving 20/20 vision while another result after LASIK shows as many as 80% of patients with 20/20 vision. Obviously, studies are widely different and the result after LASIK is can vary from study to study. This is because the individuals taking part in the studies, the personal vision problems, lasers, surgeons, and the like all contribute to the differing result after LASIK.

The result after LASIK in studies for 20/40 vision were from 75% -95%, again a large range between the differing result after LASIK. Because there are such large differences in the individual studies there is no way to compare them. In light of this, if you are interested in the result after LASIK then you should consult your doctor as well as checking more recent LASIK studies.

The reason more recent LASIK studies should be consulted for information on a result after LASIK is that newer laser, better techniques, and more skilled surgeons have increased the chance of a positive result after LASIK surgery for many individuals.

* What is the LASIK Long Term Result?

A LASIK long term result vary in individuals and are a direct result of the surgeon, LASIK equipment, patient's eye problems, as well as the staff. Consequently, it is difficult to determine a LASIK long term result in a way that is truly meaningful across the LASIK industry. However, there is a way you can conduct your own type of research on LASIK long term results in order to see if a particular surgeon has the type of LASIK long term result among his patients that would make you feel comfortable choosing that surgeon.

First of all, choose three of four surgeons you have heard great things about and feel comfortable making an appointment with. During your consultation ask them about their patient LASIK long term result. Be clear you are not interested in the standard LASIK long term result of the industry, but rather the LASIK long term result experienced by the particular surgeon's patients. If the surgeon is really interested in being a better surgeon and tracking his progress then he or she will have records and statistics of all of his patients and their respective LASIK long term results days, months, and even years after surgery.

The reason for this is all surgeons who are truly interested in their patients and learning more about LASIK eye surgery and commonalities among patients' problems, recoveries, and the like will maintain their patients' LASIK long term result after surgery. Those that do not should be taken with caution and you will benefit significantly from working with a surgeon who does track the LASIK long term result of their patients and can provide you with the information and answers you are looking regarding LASIK surgery.



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